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Wafer lock  ( Cerradura Pomo Cilíndrico )


Introduction :
* 588 Series wafer lockset is an ideal and economical choice for first installation in residential use.
* Guaranteed for 150,000 life cycles.
* Solid steel chassis and latch case are zinc plated for corrosion resistance.
* Exposed trim is made of wrought stainless steel or brass.
Features :
*  Cylinder and keys
  Disc tumbler cylinder with 2 nickel plated steel keys.
*  Latch Bolt
  Dead locking for keyed functions.
  2-3/8"(60mm)backset as standard,2-3/4"(70mm)available upon request
 (backset is the distance between door hole center and door edge.)
  2-1/4"(57mm)curved lip strike as standard.
  2-3/4"(70mm)strike available upon request.
*  Door Thickness
  Adjustable 1-3/8" to 1-3/4"(35mm to 45mm).
*  Handing
  Fully reversible for either right or left hand doors.

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