Canton Hyland Hardware(Group)Co.,ltd was established in 1998. We have 21 years's manufacturing experience and series of sophisticated 

equipments , we specialize in producing a wide range of door locks and building hardware products, covering cylindrical locks,tubular locks, 

deadbolts, look case, profile cylinders, door handles, patch fittings, panic device and accessories for building hardware ...etc .  


At present,we have 400 skilled employees working on the engineer, technology &quality control to guarantee the goods quality and punctual delivery. 

We also have technicians developing update products according to the different markets, to offer the best quality with resonable prices.


We specializes in Diecasting, polishing, stamping,plating and R&D various kinds of metal mold. One completed production line:

1. Mould 2. Raw material 3. Die casting 4. Deburring 5. Machining 6. Polishing 7. QC after polishing 8. Plating 9. QC after plating 10. Assembling 

11. Packing  12. QC after packing


Canton Hyland Hardware & Locks Co.,Ltd.

FACTORY:Taohuasha Industry Park, Xiaolan,Zhongshan ,Guangdong ,China

SHOW ROOM:RM No.2007-2008 Yanqiao tower.NO.89, Yanling road,Tianhe Guangzhou.China.510507

Tel:86-20-38877900Fax:86-20-87704677 Wechat:cantonlockEmail:[email protected] Mobile: 86-139 0225 2480 Skype:hydeland

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